Raise your personal vibration and experience self-love on a whole new level!
Mission Statement

Is to channel high vibrational angelic energy for the purpose of clearing and balancing energetic pathways. Opening gateways for clear communication with your angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides. Through the practice of energy clearing, chakra balancing, Reiki, crystal therapy and channeled angel messages to assist clients in their personal awakening and ascension journey.

Who Am I?

Jennifer DouglasMy name is Jennifer Douglas, and I am a lightworker. I work with many different modalities of energy. I am a Reiki Master, and work with crystal energy, while connecting to Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides to help facilitate your healing experience. By clearing your energy fields, opening your energetic pathways, balancing your chakras, utilizing crystal energy and Reiki in a unique fashion shown to me by my Guides. This Therapy helps you connect with more clarity to the angelic realm. Enabling you to hear with more clarity your divine messages being sent by your Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides. I call what I do Angelic Crystal Therapy.

I have been called spiritually to this healing path and have had many profound awakenings along my journey thus far. I have always known that I am a lightworker and energy healer; however, I have not always wanted to claim it. Even as a young child, I struggled desperately to fit in and be seen as, “normal” denying who I really was and what I was sent here to do. Growing up with a metaphysical background in a very fundamental town presented its challenges to a young girl just trying to fit in and not be considered too weird. After I graduated from high school, I gravitated naturally to a career that helped others heal. I started as a home health aide and then went into rehabilitation nursing, later focusing on dementia. I loved that job and was very good at it but still felt called to do more.

I started down the path of energy healing in the mid-’90s with the practice of healing touch, which was being taught through the church I was attending at the time. It just came so naturally to me. I was not ready to embrace my calling at that time. However, that did not stop my angels from whispering in my ear that energy healing was my divine path. Throughout the next 25 years or so, I dabbled in different healing modalities but with no real commitment to any of them. Then, like waking from a dream in 2018, my life was forever transformed. I decided to leave the nursing facility I was working for and set up a private non-medical home care agency. I felt I would be able to have more freedom to care for my clients in the way I have been spiritually let to do. I still do that today. My business partner and best friend of nearly 45 years, Sherry Marsh, and I work side by side at Awaken to Life Homecare to provide caregivers to help maintain our clients’ independence in their home, help improve their overall quality of life as well as provide Hospice support caregivers. But I still could hear in the back of my mind my angles telling me that that is not all you are here to do.

Still not fully believing angels were really speaking to me, I asked the universe to send me a teacher, a healer, or someone to help me understand and move through my spiritual awakening process. I was so confused and scared of some of the things I was experiencing and did not have anyone that I felt I could trust to openly talk to about all I had been going through that would not want to commit me to a mental institution. I was Divinely led to Jimi Merk at the Victory of the light expo in 2019. Jimi was selling spiritual jewelry. My eyes immediately fixated on an extraordinary piece he called the Merkabah. Jimi placed the beautiful piece on my neck. Immediately, I could feel the love, craftsmanship, and power of his meditative prayer flowing through the pendant he had hand-carved in prayer. A warm, energetic sense of peace and serenity overcame me.

woman smilingTaking the magical experience with the necklace as a sign, I decided to book my first consultation with Jimi at Shine Your Light Wellness. He was able to immediately cultivate a bond and sense of trust that might normally have taken years, maybe even lifetimes, to build. Feeling so incredibly connected and in tune with him, I completely spilled my guts, telling him every crazy thing I was going through. I must have talked a mile a minute. Jimi was so patient and gave such good practical, useable advice that I could use when facing some of my situations in the future. He helped me gain confidence, knowing I was not alone in this awakening experience and truly was not losing my mind. We moved into the energy work, hypnosis, guided meditation, and chakra clearing and balancing. I could Immediately feel relief from many of my physical issues. I booked serval more sessions of counseling and other various types of energy work. What a blessing he was. I also met the first of my crystal healing guides who began to teach me about the healing powers of crystals and the instrumental role they would be playing in my future.

Knowing I was on my Divine path, I decided to pursue a more formal education in energy healing work. My Angels first lead me to the Healing Space, where I completed my first course. The Healing Angels of the Energy field, taught by Brecka Burton, an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, where for the first time I fully understood, I really was speaking to Angels.

Next, they lead me to Josh Bickers with Spiritual Guidance and his transformational Chakra Bonding Course. This intense 8-week course not only taught me to clear, heal and bond with my chakras, protect my energy and perform energy healings on others, it also taught me how to release all negative energies from past wounding and traumas that no longer served my highest good. This release of past hurts, failures and broken dreams allowed me to raise my personal vibration to new heights and understand self-love on a whole new level. He also helped introduce me to another crystal guide who also has been intuitively teaching me about the healing powers of crystals and how to incorporate them into my energy work.

My Angels then led me to Melissa Crowhurst with Natural Healers, where I obtained my Reiki Master Certification. I also have been taking an additional course on working with crystal energy, confirming all I have been intuitively learning with my Crystal guides. I will never stop learning.

Putting together my lifelong experiences, formal and Angelic training, I am now ready to present you my divine guild version of energy healing I call Angelic Crystal Therapy. I look forward to working with you, and God bless!

Introducing: Angelic Crystal Treasures
To promote a better energy-healing experience, even at home, we offer several products that will prove essential in your journey towards attaining recovery. We now open our new store called the Angelic Crystal Treasures, located at 20 High St., Suite 121, Hamilton, OH 45011. Our clients may also conveniently shop for our available items by visiting our online store at AnglicGiftbyATL.Etsy.com.

Angelic Crystal Therapy is not to be used in place of your medical perfectional, but to be used alongside them. As you move through healings, you may begin to feel much better. Please consult your physician before discontinuing any medications or medical treatments.