What should I expect to experience in a Session of Angelic Crystal Therapy?

As guided by my angels, each session length will be determined on the needs of the individual. Typically, sessions are about 1 1/5 to 2 hour and cost $111.11 per session.

I will open your session by explaining what I will be doing as well as with what you may experience in your session. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have before we begin your healing. You will remain fully clothed. I will only have you remove your shoes for comfort and so I may have full access to your feet chakras. You will lie on your back on a Reiki table for the duration of the session. (if unable to lay on your back I will make other accommodations for your comfort. (Please let me know prior to your session so I may prepare the room accordingly). I play Angel frequency music for meditation and to help you relax into the session, raise your overall vibration, as well as the vibration in the room. I will begin with a silent prayer of protection that surrounds each of us in a sphere of white light only allowing energies in that serve our highest good for healing. With the permission of God, I will call in all my angels, ancestors and guides as well as your angels, ancestors and guides and ask them to use me as a clear channel to facilitate whatever healing is divinely meant for you at that time. I place the Reiki symbol Cho ku rei and sei hei ki in your crown chakra and activate them. Then I will begin scanning your energetic field clearing any negative energies or spiritual attachments that no longer serve your highest good and open, clear and balance your hand and feet Chakras.

After that process is completed, I will move up through your chakras starting at your root chakra and ending at the crown chakra cleansing, balancing and placing a coordinating crystal on your body that I intuitively select with the help of your Angels to maximize the healing energy moving though the chakra. I will also add any additional crystals around your body that I am intuitively guided to place by my angels and then activate them. I will perform reiki on all your chakras as well as any place I am intuitively guided to do so by the angles. Working my way up from your root chakra to your crown I will channel healing light to your entire body facilitating the healing that is meant for you on this day. I will also deliver any channeled messages from your angels, ancestors and guides that they feel you need to know at this time. I hope this helps you to feel at ease and comfortable knowing what to expect when you book a session of angelic crystal therapy with me. I look forward to working with you and your angels. Namaste my Friend.

Angelic Chrystal Therapy is not to be used in place of your medical professional but to be used along side them. As you move through healings you may begin to feel much better. Please consult your Physician before discontinuing and medications or medical treatments.

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