Distance Reiki and how it works!

One of the most magical things for me about energy is that it is not restricted by time and space as we perceive it, nor its healing abilities, so sending energy from a distance is not an issue. You can send energy to anyone or anything at any time. With the understanding that everything is energy, and we are all connected at a quantum molecular level, our energy affects each other. In the case of energy healing, more specifically Distance Reiki energy healing, there is a little more to it, but the healing Reiki energy still follows the same energetic laws, nonetheless.

Once a Distance Reiki session is booked, prior to the beginning of the session, I will meditate, clearing my own personal energy first in order to be of the greatest service to you. I will also set any specific healing intentions that you have requested me to focus on. I would ask you to find a comfortable place where you can relax and meditate with me, perhaps play some calming background music, at the time we have specified to begin your session. The activation of the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol, the distance symbol used in Reiki, will begin your session. I use this symbol to strengthen the energetic connection between us.

As I focus on you, seeing you in my mind’s eye, I am visualizing your etheric body on my reiki table. I would ask that as you relax into the session, visualize your intention for the session, then let go, clearing your mind, allowing the healing energy to flow freely to you. I will continue through your session as if you were physically on my table, clearing your aura, opening, clearing, and balancing your chakras. I then will place active Reiki symbols where needed, channeling healing energy to your body allowing it to flow to all areas with the knowledge that the healing that is meant for you will be delivered at this time. I ask that you remain open and in a receiving meditative state for the duration of the session time, you have booked with me. If possible, longer as the energy may still be working on you after our allotted time is up.

I will close your session with the Raku, the Reiki symbol of grounding. This is to set the energy into you and untangle our energy from one another. It is important at this time, as we both close the session, to give gratitude for the perfect healing that is meant for you to be given and then let it go, with the knowledge that all is in divine order and it will be so.